Dignity Sculpture

The Dignity Sculpture in Chamberlin, South Dakota has become an iconic project for South Dakotans.  Dignity, a stainless steel sculpture of a Native American woman draped in a star quilt with several shades of blue diamonds, reaches approximately 50’ in height and stretches to 28’ in width. She is perched atop a bluff overlooking the Missouri River valley to the northeast and tribal lands to the southwest.

The structure of Dignity consists of a system of stainless steel trusses that bear the weight of the sculpture of the woman as well as the large star quilt, which is composed of stainless steel and over 100 4’ diamonds. The Black Hills Engineering Society chose Dignity Sculpture as Project of the Year for West River, SD

Project Details
  • Location:  Chamberlin, SD
  • Owner:  State of South Dakota
  • Commissioned by: Norm & Eunabel McKie
  • Artist: Dale Lamphere
  • Builder: Dale Lamphere & Crew
  • Completion Date: 2016