Education Engineering

East Middle School, Rapid City, SDEast_Middle_School_side2
Dollar Value: $18.8 Million
Square Footage: 102,600 SF
Owners: Rapid City School District
Architect: Upper Deck Architects, Inc.
General Contractor: Scull Construction Service

The East Middle School is a new middle school for the Rapid City School District that is built adjacent to the Valley View Elementary School. The school has separate classroom  pod areas areas that separate sixth, seventh and eighth grade students into teaching pod regions. It also has two full size gymnasiums with locker rooms, modular and shop lab areas, art, choir and band facilities, along with a kitchen and multipurpose cafeteria area. Constructed into a hillside, the structure is a two-story structure with precast hollow core planks for floor framing and concrete masonry blocks (CMU) for load bearing walls.

Todd County Elementary School, Mission, SD
Dollar Value: $15 Million
Square Footage: 72,800 SF
Owners: Todd County School District
Architect: Great Horse Group
General Contractor: Dean Kurtz Construction, Inc.

The new Todd County Elementary School is a new K-5 elementary school located in Mission, South Dakota. The school consists of three classroom wings extending from a central core area that includes a multi-purpose cafeteria space with full service kitchen, music and library spaces as well as administrative office areas. A full size gymnasium also extends from the central core area, providing two (2) practice size courts or one (1) full size court.The gymnasium space is intended to also serve as a community gymnasium space.

The facility is constructed of steel joist roof framing, precast concrete exterior walls and conventional concrete spread footings and floor slab.

Dakota Middle School Renovation and Expansion, Rapid City, SDDakota_Middle_School_Stage1
Dollar Value: $17 Million
Owners: Rapid City School District
Architect: Architecture, Inc.
General Contractor: Scull Construction Service

Dakota Middle School renovations primary purpose was to remodel the existing middle school into an alternative high school including a large addition to house a second theater, theater operations, and a new central utility plant. Some major items include renovation of historic theater, Caisson foundations, and underpinning of large existing structure.

Western Dakota Technical Institute Addition, Rapid City, SDWDT_Dakota_Hall2_Education_Construction
Dollar Value: $11 Million
Square Footage: 57,000 SF
Owners: Rapid City School District
Architect: FourFront Design, Inc.
General Contractor: Scull Construction Service

This approximate 57,000 square foot addition consists of a two story office area, a large library and lecture hall area, two shop areas, and two canopy structures. The structure is highlighted by two tall and open clearstories with the main entrance clear story reaching heights in excess of 40 feet.

The structure utilized several common building materials, and was founded on conventional concrete spread foundations. The main level of the structure consisted of a concrete slab-on-grade. In order to account for floor vibrations and accommodate the long spans required, the second floor office areas were framed with composite steel beams supporting a 6 inch concrete slab. The roof structure consisted of structural steel girders supporting bar joists and steel roof decking. Since the majority of the roof structure with in the library area is going to be exposed, he roof structure of the library was framed with steel beams. In the shop areas, load bearing concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls were used to support steel joists and steel roof decking. The project was completed in the Fall of 2012.

USD EECS Building Addition
Dollar Value: $4 Million
Square Footage: 30,400 SF
Owners: SDSU
Architect: Architecture, Inc.
General Contractor: Clark Drew Construction

The addition to the electrical engineering campus of South Dakota State University provides additional classroom, laboratory and office space for students and faculty. The building has three stories above ground and a full basement. The metal stud exterior walls are supported by concrete foundation walls and spread footings. The floors are composed of pre-stressed concrete cast-in-place topping. Steel beams support the hollow core plank allowing the exterior studs to bypass the floor.

The lateral wind force resisting structure is a combination of a CMU stairway core and a steel x-brace frame hidden in the wall of the mechanical chase. The addition connects to the existing building but does not structurally attach to it. The addition is designed as an independent building separated by an expansion joint.

University Center, Rapid City, SDUniversity_Center1b_small
Dollar Value: $10.8 million
Square Footage: 48,131 SF
Owners: State of South Dakota
Architect: Architecture Incorporated
General Contractor: Retail Construction Services

The University CenteróBlack Hills project consists of a two-story classroom and office structure with a 3,600 SF third floor mechanical penthouse and a small wood framed maintenance building. The main structure is framed using a steel beam and bar joist floor and roof system supported on steel columns. The second floor was designed to minimize floor vibrations so that students walking in the halls will not disturb students in the adjacent classrooms.

This project was also completed using Building Information Modeling (BIM). By utilizing BIM, we were able to produce an information rich three-dimensional model. This three-dimensional model allowed our coordination process to go to extents not possible with conventional two-dimensional drafting software.

A very important project goal was to achieve a LEED silver rated. Credits were obtained by specifying certified wood for the maintenance building and by using regional materials such as bar joists.

BHSU Student Union Expansion & Remodel, Spearfish, SDBHSU1
Dollar Value: $5.5 million
Square Footage: 108,446 SF
Owners: Black Hills State University
Architect: Williams & Assoc. Architecture
General Contractor: Scull Construction Service

This LEED rated facility has several functions for Black Hills State University including the cafeteria, dining room, bookstore, offices, and study areas.

The building features an open two-story lobby, an outdoor roof patio/garden, and three large light wells. It was designed using steel beams, columns, and bar joists.

Several portions of the existing structure were strengthened to accommodate significant changes in function.

SDSM&T Surbeck Center Addition, Rapid City, SDSDSMT Surbec Center 1
Dollar Value: $5.5 million
Square Footage: 79,607 SF
Owners: SDSM&T
Architect: Four Front Design Inc.
General Contractor: Scull Construction Service

This renovation of the Student Center on the SDSM&T campus and a new adjoining 300-bed residence hall totals 79,607 SF and consists of a two-story wood frame building over a basement.