Government Engineering

Game, Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus & Office, Rapid City, SDOutdoor_Campus__Rapid_City_Construction1_small

Dollar Value: $12.5 million
Owners: South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks
Architect: ARC International, Inc.
General Contractor: Scull Construction Service

The Game, Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus & Office project is a new campus that consolidates several of the Game, Fish & Parks offices into one facility as well as serves as an indoor and outdoor learning and education center for the public. The project consists of a 29,500 SF education/visitor center and office building, a 17,670 SF maintenance shop, laboratory, and storage facility, an 8,000 SF cold storage facility, and several outdoor campus minor facilities such as outdoor classroom shelters and a 790 SF pedestrian bridge.

The education/visitor center and office building incorporated the use of large glue laminated timber trusses and purlins as well as flared log columns to create a natural tree like interior environment. The pedestrian bridge is constructed of a pair of large glue laminated timber arches that span over 70 feet in length, with glue laminated timber beams and stringers for walkway support framing.

Pennington County Administration Building, Rapid City, SDpennington county admin building
Dollar Value: $14.4 Million
Square Footage: 98,500 SF
Owners: Pennington County
Architect: Leo A Daly/Fennell Design/Arc International Joint Venture
General Contractor: Scull Construction Service

The Pennington County Administration Building is a new 98,500 SF building for the administrative use and functions of Pennington County. As part of the Pennington County Campus Expansion, the facility houses 911 Dispatch, Planning, Registrar of Deeds, Auditor, Treasurer and other county offices along with providing spaces for State’s Attorney and Public Defender offices.

The western portion of the building is a four-story building while the eastern portion is three-story. The building is constructed on concrete spread footings and framed using composite steel and concrete floor construction.

Pennington County Parking Garage, Rapid City, SDPenn_Co_Parking2
Dollar Value: $5.4 Million
Square Footage: N/A
Owners: Pennington County
Architect: ARC International
General Contractor: Heavy Constructors

The first phase of the parking structure was constructed with two elevated levels in 2003 with the capacity for two additional levels. During the design of the addition in 2011, it was decided to add a steel framed roof above the top level of the precast parking structure.

The steel roof consisted of steel joist supported by steel beams with a clear span of over 60 ft elimination intermediate support columns within the parking areas. The precast columns and lite walls extended up to the roof to support the steel beams. Existing pile foundation was adequate for the additional dead load of the roof and the perimeter precast columns were analyzed to be adequate for the additional lateral loads from the roof. A precise elevator shaft was also installed to serve the existing and new parking level in between the parking structure and jail complex.

Rapid City Greenway Trails, Rapid City, SDrapid city greenway trail system
Dollar Value: $2.3 Million
Owners: City of Rapid City
Architect: ARC International
General Contractor: RCS Construction
Civil Engineer: CETEC Engineering

This project entailed several upgrades to Founders Park located in Rapid City, South Dakota. The improvements included a new 14 foot wide pedestrian bridge across Rapid Creek, a new bathroom/picnic structure, and several improvements to the site such as new sidewalks, lighting, and parking.

The 140 foot pedestrian bridge was founded on drilled shaft foundations to account for the challenges associated with being located within the 100 year floodway.

The bathroom/picnic facility was constructed using concrete form masonry units which provided a finished surface on each side of the wall. The roof structure was constructed using a complex glulam beam and column frame work. The project was completed in the Spring of 2012.

RC Canyon Lake Maintenance Shop, Rapid City, SD 

Dollar Value: $825,725
Square Footage: 6,743
Owners: Rapid City Parks & Recreation Department
Architect: Baffuto Architecttura
General Contractor: SECO Construction

Wood framed maintenance building. Contains several truck bays, wood shop, and some office areas. Clerestory windows provide natural daylight into work bay areas. Widely spaced wood trusses allow for high ceiling areas to make space more interesting while keeping construction costs reasonable. Building is constructed near old Story Book Island area and is quite visible from heavily used adjacent park areas.

Completed at the end of 2008, (after the demolition and removal of an existing maintenance building), the key features of the Canyon Lake Maintenance Shop include: A 6,743 square foot solution with Parkitecture style, Vehicle Maintenance Bays, Wood Shop Bay, Director Office, Foreman Office, Staff Overflow Office, Parts Storage Room, Tool Storage Room, Locker Rooms, Restrooms, and a Break/Conference Room, all of which have full accessible ADA plans. Site allows for truck aprons and minor parking. All site work design conforms to storm water control regulations. Nice glue-lams.

Rapid Valley Fire DepartmentIMG_3799

Dollar Value: $3 Million
Square Footage: 15,800
Owners: Rapid Valley Fire District
Architect: Chamberlin Architects
General Contractor: RCS

The Rapid Valley Fire Station is a large on-story wood-framed structure with a three-story hose tower and lookout station. The apparatus side has enough space to house six (6) fire trucks and a wash station, gear room and training facility with 18 ft. ceilings. Three (3) copulas project from the wood framed gable and hip roof structure to allow light into the space. Heavy time trusses are used to support the open framed vaulted entry in the administration side of the building. Steel framing is used within the walls having many large openings for lateral support. Wood I-Joists, engineered lumber, and heavy timber are used throughout to support the many different roof steps and slopes.