Albertson Engineering, Inc. is a full-service structural engineering consulting firm located in Rapid City, Sioux Falls, and Winner, South Dakota . We have worked on projects throughout the state, and understand the challenging soils of South Dakota — like the soils that exist at the site for the proposed Crow Creek Tribal School replacement project. We have respect for the potential destructive powers of the soils and the knowledge to avoid potential problems through careful detailing and construction techniques.

Our structural engineers provide complete structural design services for structures of all types and sizes. Our clients include architects, private owners, governments, and contractors. The vast majority of our work is repeat work for clients, which shows our commitment to quality and our technical capabilities. We have a long history of experience in environmentally sustainable design, including LEED-rated projects. We have LEED-rated staff, and our engineers have completed and are currently in the design of many LEED-rated projects. With this experience, our engineers will help the project acquire a LEED rating without forcing the design down an ill-chosen path simply to capture LEED points.

Albertson Engineering Inc. has been an industry leader in the adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM).†† At its essence, BIM provides an information-rich, three-dimensional model of the entire project for all trades.†† BIM is continuing to evolve and improve at a very rapid pace, and we remain committed to staying at the forefront of this exciting, industry-changing tool.† In addition to our commitment to using BIM (primarily thru the use of REVIT Structure) in all of our major projects, we have also been a leader in providing guidance to others in the industry.† We have helped other design professionals, contractors, subcontractors, and fabricators with their BIM adoption process.† Additionally, we are currently helping a vocational school develop curriculums related to BIM.†We will likely be including guidance to them regarding LEED and how to marry BIM and LEED together effectively.

Used correctly, BIM is a powerful tool that allows our collaborative work process to grow beyond where ordinary two-dimensional drafting software is limited. †BIM places more emphasis on collaborative design and planning in the beginning phases of a project, so that costs and risks in later stages–like construction and operations where most of the costs are incurred–can be managed and contained.†† This becomes especially powerful in design/build delivery methods, creating larger advantages for design/build than had existed only a few years ago.†† Some even more powerful advantages will be seen in the development stage, and we are expecting this to be ready for real world applications very soon.

Please see the pictures above for examples of some recent education projects of significance completed using the BIM process (REVIT Structure software).

Albertson Engineering, Inc. will design a building that meets the architectural vision. We pride ourselves on creating practical solutions to solve problems while meeting our clientsí needs at the lowest possible construction costs.

We are team players. Typically, we try to get involved in the design process with the architect in the early stages of design. Weíve found that early involvement helps keep the architectís vision in focus and avoids future pitfalls. And good team work early pays off huge dividends throughout the remainder of the design process and through construction.