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Holly Plaza

    Holly Plaza

    Aspen Dental strip mall, Sioux Falls

    About The Project

    The Holly Plaza is located at 41st St. and Holly St. in Sioux Falls. The plaza is a one-story structure that now houses a dental office and a coffee shop.  Construction was completed in 2016.

    The foundation is a cast-in-place concrete slab on grade.  Conventional wood-framed shear walls support a wood-framed roof diaphragm are designed to provide wind resistance. Large parapet sections were constructed to provide signage locations.

    Project Details
    • Location:  Sioux Falls, SD
    • Dollar Value: 
    • Square Footage:  8,000
    • Owner: 
    • Architect:  VanDeWalle Architects LLC
    • General Contractor:  Lloyd Companies
    • Completion Date: 2016